Fairwind Learning Center strives to provide young children with high quality education while focusing on age appropriate academics and development. Our belief is when learning is wholistic and a child is engaged physically, socially, emotionally, and cognitively they can embrace the true meaning of learning.  

Each child will be given the opportunity to develop early learning skills in English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Technology, History and Social Science, Health Education, and the Arts.  In addition to our academic program, we believe in creating a caring community of learners where empathy is valued and nurtured.  

The children will be guided as they become strong and ethical thinkers and encouraged to ask questions and find answers through exploration and self discovery. With our care and compassion, the children will become decision makers and problem solvers who develop positive self-esteem, confidence within themselves, and a love for learning. 

We strongly believe that children who attend Fairwind Learning Center will have the necessary skills to reach their full potential and have FUN doing it!