Fairwind Learning Center

Guiding Children, Families, and Communities

At Fairwind Learning Center we believe in respecting children as individuals. We strive to create a nurturing environment where children feel supported, develop a love of learning, and reach their full potential. 

We are dedicated to providing high quality education and committed to helping your child  be resourceful, independent thinkers who appreciate themselves, others, and their environment. 

We pride ourselves in creating an atmosphere in which all children and families feel welcomed and part of our community. We recognize that parents are the first and most important teachers in their child's life; therefore, creating a strong home to school connection is one of our primary goals.

 Explore. Discover. Question. Learn.

Our Programs

Preschool Class 
(Typically Age 4 by Dec. 1)

Transitional Kindergarten Class
(Typically Age 5 by Dec.1)

Enrichment Classes
Age 4-6 years

After School Programs
Grades K - 5