Parent Testimonials

"The greater Marblehead community is so incredibly fortunate to have Fairwind Learning Center as an available resource for our children. My son was a preschool student last year and is currently a Transitional Kindergarten student. As parents, we continue to be impressed as the days pass and are thrilled with our decision to enroll our son. My son runs through the door each morning, eager to see his friends and teachers and to experience the adventures of the day. Each and every member of the team is intelligent, talented, loving, kind, open-minded and well prepared. The school environment is warm, welcoming and pristine. The philosophy is spot on and executed flawlessly, as the team is building a wonderful foundation for the children’s future in education and helping to cultivate a culture of caring and well rounded young people. We will always consider ourselves part of the Fairwind family and I would be happy to discuss the school with any prospective parents."  
Reviewed by Alexa S.

"I vividly remember touring Fairwind for the first time for the final year of my eldest son’s preschool years.  I walked through the halls and listened, observed and watched all of the current children and knew from that moment my kids needed to be a part of this newly created community. From the moment we walked through the doors at Fairwind we have always been overwhelmed by the warmth and kindness of the Fairwind staff.  Mrs. Uttam has created a community and culture that nurtures, teaches, encourages and inspired our children as they follow their curiosities, build friendships, establish a foundation for their educational development and embrace their distinct and unique personalities.  We have been fortunate to have two of our sons attend Fairwind and have watched in amazement as they each have grown, learned and matured through the warmth, support and direction provided by the Fairwind team. The hardest day was when we had to say good bye to our Fairwind classmates. When we walked through the doors of kindergarten with our son we spoke with our new teacher about our previous year at Fairwind. Without hesitation the teacher said “you went to Fairwind, you will be more than ready for kindergarten.” With that one statement it was clear that Fairwind had already made an incredible impression on the Marblehead community and that we had done the best thing for our son to start his education. We are already looking to forward to sending our third son, as soon as he is old enough.  Forever grateful.
Reveiwed by The McCain Family

"Fairwind Learning Center is a truly remarkable place. Thoughtfully designed, every inch of the school is crafted with the preschooler in mind and the colorful and inspiring setting celebrates creativity, exploration, and play. Fairwind is expertly run and staffed with extraordinary, dynamic, and caring teachers who develop meaningful relationships with each child and make learning fun. It is a very, very special place filled with happy teachers and happy children who love being there. We can't recommend Fairwind highly enough."   

Reviewed by Betsy C.

"The first time my family and I walked into Fairwind, we were overwhelmed by the incredible environment the teachers have created for the children. The classrooms are carefully designed to allow the children to create, to explore, and to learn through imaginative play, science and the arts.  I have watched my son's personality develop under the encouragement of each talented teacher to try new things, to make new friends and to treat learning as an adventure. Fairwind is such a special place and we feel so fortunate to be part of its community."   

Reviewed by Deirdre B. 

"Fairwind Learning Center has exceeded all of our expectations.  The teachers and director are so passionate and engaging that it doesn’t appear that this is a job for anyone working there. There is an atmosphere of excitement and energy each day.  They are dedicated to creating a nurturing and educational environment for both the parents and the children. They focus on kindness and respect. The school building and outdoor space is magnificent, but what is happening inside is even better."

Reviewed by Sara T.

"We look at Fairwind not only as a place that we have dropped our children off for the last three years to attend school but truly as a little family and community. We are greeted everyday by welcoming and smiling faces of individuals that clearly love what they do and the children they spend their days with. Fairwind is not only a beautiful school full of color, creativity and fun learning materials; Fairwind is staffed with teachers and individuals that bring a high caliber of education to our children. They have such a talent for making the experience of learning one that allows the children to discover education through play and hands on learning. They achieve this in such a creative and fun way that the children truly look forward to their days. We  cannot thank you all enough for all that you do everyday! There is no greater feeling than knowing that when you drop your child off at Fairwind that they are safe, learning, socializing, having fun, and loved.    

Reviewed by Natasha R.

"It is very bittersweet for my daughter (and the rest of us) to graduate from Fairwind. I have never come across a more impressive group of teachers or more wonderful school. Thank you for all the love, patience, and encouragement you have shown to our fierce little monkey. And thank you, Tiffany, for building such an amazing community. While we are sad to move on, we will be back to visit more than you probably would like!"   

Reviewed by Rebecca H.