After School Enrichment

Monday-Thursday     3:00 pm- 4:00 pm
Children Ages 4-6 Years
Open to Enrolled Students 

Our enrichment classes are designed to challenge and inspire children to delve deeper into topics. These classes inspire creativity, imagination, art expression, and body awareness.  All classes are run either by our own teaching staff or experienced instructors from the community. 

Monday - Chef's Club 

Creating and eating healthy foods, with a few sweet treats once in a while, will be our menu for this session! As the children don their own chef hats, they will learn how science is part of baking and cooking. Lots of kitchen terms will be introduced as they wash, chop, dice, mix, stir and pour their way, using their five senses, to yumminess!  Expect a recipe collection so your children can show you how to recreate their favorites!

Tuesday- Mindful Kids

This class is a fun and interactive introduction to mindfulness designed to help teach children mind-body awareness, self-regulation, and calm listening skills.  Miss Leda will use storytelling, puppets, and props to teach the children deep breathing and mediation techniques in combination with tai chi.

Wednesdays: Art Masterpieces

This program will introduce children to great artists and their artworks through images and inspiring stories. The children will then create their own masterpieces in the styles of great masters, using similar materials and techniques. They will make artworks in 2 and 3 dimensions, including, but not limited to, paintings, prints, drawings, sculpture and mixed media pieces. Throughout the creative process, the children will be encouraged to explore and experiment with materials and techniques to discover new possibilities for self expression.    ​​​​​​​

Thursdays: Lego Literature

Have you ever listened to a story and then wanted to create what you heard or read about in the story? Every week we will build with legos based upon the story that is read. It will be a fantastic way to explore and create with legos through your visual imagination.